Rules & Regulations

Regulations Governing the Year 2021 Show

The Show is held under the Rules and Regulations of the Esperance & Districts Agricultural Society Inc. A copy of which can be seen at the office of the Secretary.  Subject to any alteration, additions or variations that the Committee may deem advisable.  E.A.O.E. (Errors and omissions excepted)

1. Members, on presentation of tickets will be admitted to the ground and parking area. Tickets may be used only by the member to whom they are issued, if used by any other person the ticket will be cancelled.

2. Members Car Park Only "No Parking on Grounds Except Persons Holding an Allocated Disable parking Ticket issued by the show office.  ACROD holders only.

Single Membership includes admission to the Show.

Junior Membership (up to and including age of 16) includes admission to the Show.

Pensioners Membership includes admission to show.


Single $20.00  (incl postage $21.00)

Junior (up to and including age of 16) $8.00  (incl postage $9.00)

Pensioner (Aged/Invalid Card Holders) $8.00  (incl postage $9.00)

3. The General Public will be admitted at the daily charges listed:

Friday: $TBA

Saturday: $TBA

Children  (up to & including 16 years)  FREE

Pensioner  Aged/Invalid Card Holders only) $TBA

4. The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse the future application for trading

space of any person whom makes excessive complaints about the allocation of their site.


Eligibility to exhibit: Exhibits must be the property or work of exhibitor and must comply

with regulations and classes in which they compete. Esperance & Districts Agricultural

Society Officials, including Stewards are eligible to compete in any section and class of

the show.

6. Horses in Action competitors need not necessarily own horse on which they compete.

7. All entries must be made on the printed forms of the Society and must be lodged with the Secretary by the time specified under the various sections.

8. All exhibitors are requested to read additional instructions published under the section headings.

9. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. All entries close 8th October 2021, unless otherwise stated.

10. Judges decision to be final in all cases. Judges have the right to withhold awards if any exhibit is considered unworthy. Judges may move exhibits into their correct classes.

11. Every care will be taken with exhibits but the Management Committee will not be responsible for loss or damage to any such exhibit. NB: REGULATION 17.0 or loss of ribbons from exhibits – they are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

12a. Entry fees will not be refunded, if the exhibits arrive late for judging or if the exhibits and/or animals are placed in the wrong section.

12b. Entry fees are as stated under various headings.

13. The committee reserve the right to refuse admission to any exhibit it may consider dangerous or objectionable.


Prize money unclaimed by the Friday following the Show will be paid back into Society funds.

15. The Management Committee reserves the right to reduce all prize money should the revenue for the Show be insufficient to pay prize money in full. NB: SHOWJUMPING.

16. PROTESTS: Exhibitors shall have the right to protest against awards or breach of Show Regulations provided that:

(a) All Protests be accompanied by $25 fee.

(b) All Protests to be lodged in writing.

(c) Indoor exhibits protests to be lodged with the Secretary by 12 noon the Friday of the Show.

(d) All other protests to be lodged with the Secretary within 1 hour of the finalisation of judging in the Section in which the dispute has arisen.

(e) No protest can be made against the decision of the judge as to the merit of the exhibit (ors) the decision of the judges shall be final as to merit.

(f) Should protest, after due consideration, be found unfounded, the fee will be forfeited to the Society.

17. Should any exhibit which has gained a prize be disqualified, either on protest or for any other reason, the exhibit next in order does not necessarily become entitled to such a prize. The Executive Committee with or without the advice of the judges shall decide the outcome.

18. The Society will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by any exhibit or exhibitor and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnified against any legal proceedings arising from any such accident.

19. Any person insulting or interfering with the judges or officials of the Society or behaving in an unseemly manner will be subject to removal from the ground, and the prize (if any) awarded to such person may be absolutely forfeited to the Funds of the Society.

20. LIVESTOCK: No stallion will be admitted to the ground without approved headgear.

21. No stock shall be eligible to compete in any class of the Show if the said stock is declared by the Society’s Honorary Vet Surgeon and/or Stock inspector to be suffering from any parasite or contagious disease or diseases.

22. The use of loudspeakers or amplifying devices other than by the Society shall be controlled by the Executive Committee.

23. CATERING AND REFRESHMENTS: The Management Committee reserves the right to control the sale of foodstuffs, refreshments, etc, and no person shall offer such items for sale without the approval of the Management Committee.

24. The Executive Committee reserves the right to remove any exhibitor or person from the Show without being required to give an explanation or being liable for compensation.


26. SCALE OF POINTS: For Cups and Trophies to be as follows: First, 3 points; Second, 2 points; Third, 1 point. If applicable Champions, 2 points extra; Reserve Champion, 1 point extra; Grand Champion, 3 points extra; Junior Champion, 2 points extra, Senior Champion, 2 points extra; Supreme Champion, 3 points extra.

27. The Stewards Ring Committee have the right to withhold any prize money should a horse be either withdrawn before the completion of an event, or if the Committee consider that the reason for withdrawal is not justifiable. Or if in the opinion of the Committee, the horse is not being permitted to perform to its maximum level of ability.

28. The Stewards Ring Committee reserves the right to cancel any event on the day of the Show, should there be insufficient starters. Entry fees will be fully refunded. NB: REGULATION 14.

29. All arts & crafts judged to CWA regulations as specified at the beginning of each section.

30. Caravan Sites: Bookings taken for each day at secretary’s office.