Rules & Regulations

Regulations Governing the 2024 Show

The Show is held under the Rules and Regulations of the Esperance & Districts Agricultural Society Inc.

A copy of which can be seen at the office of the Secretary. Subject to any alteration, additions or variations that the Committee may deem advisable. E.A.O.E. (Errors and omissions excepted)

Members, on presentation of tickets will be admitted to the ground and parking area.
Tickets may be used only by the member to whom they are issued, if used by any other person the ticket will be cancelled.

Members Car Park Only on the Show ground in designated parking area.   “No Parking on Grounds for Non-Members Except Persons Holding an Allocated Disabled Parking Ticket issued by the show office.

  • Adult (Single) Membership includes admission to the Show.
  • Junior Membership (Equestrian, up to and including age of 17) includes admission to the Show.
  • Pensioners Membership (Aged & Invalid card holders) includes admission to the Show.