Trade Terms and Conditions


1. Cancellations prior to the 2nd of September will receive a full refund. From the 3rd of September until the 30th of September, a refund minus $150 for services rendered, will be paid. Cancellations after the 1st of October will not receive refunds.

2. All display material must be on-site by 7:30am on Friday morning and can not be removed until 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon.

3. Show hours are: Friday: 9am until late. Saturday: 9am until 5pm. Exhibitors must be open from Friday 9am until 7:30pm and Saturday 9am until 5pm.

4. Exhibitors sharing a site must notify the Secretary to ensure all exhibitors are included in the program.

5. Security guards are in place during these times:

      Thursday 17th October 2023 from 1800 hours to Friday 0700 hours

      Friday 18th October 2023 from 2200 to Saturday 0700 hours

The Esperance and Districts Agricultural Society will NOT BE held liable for any loss or damage to exhibitors property whilst on the showgrounds.

6. No exhibitor camping is permitted on the showgrounds PRIOR to Tuesday the 15th October. 

7. Exhibitors MUST hold their own Public Liability Insurance as cover against claims made by any person on their site.

8. Each application is subject to scrutiny by the committee prior to acceptance and all entrants agree that their entries shall be considered by the committee which shall be entitled without being obliged to give reasons to grant, refuse or apply conditions to any application.

9. Exhibitors are to ensure every part of their display remain within their site boundary.

10. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage to their site, including water pipes, reticulations, floors and electric cables. 

11. No permanent fixtures to be erected. 

12. No refunds will be made to exhibitors not presenting entry passes at the gate. NO PASS NO ENTRY. Please check you all the passes required prior to arrival.

13. All vehicles must be parked in allocated parking areas by 9am each morning. Absolutely NO movement of vehicles are permitted to move around the showgrounds during the opening hours of the show. 

14. Power will supplied for a fee. No power will be supplied unless applied for on the Site Application Form. The committee is under no obligation to supply power, extension cords etc. 

15. Other than Food Vendors, no urns, air conditioning and electric cooking equipment are to be used on sites due to power restrictions.

16. No fire of any form is permitted on the Esperance Show grounds. 

17. Under no circumstances are lasers, smoking implements, knives or firearms are allowed on the Esperance showgrounds.

18. No public address systems are to be used apart from the official broadcasting system provided. Advertising through this can be purchased on the site application form. No raffle tickets are to be sold anywhere on the Esperance Showgrounds without prior consent of the committee. Exhibitors are not allowed to hand out advertising material or erect posters anywhere other than on their own site.

19. Applications for SUNDOWNERS are restricted. Sundowners may only run from 4:30pm until 7pm. Failure to comply will result future applications are NOT accepted. 

20. Bio-security at our agricultural show is your responsibility. Weighbills are required for all stock arriving onto the show grounds. These must be brought to the show office or given to the steward on arrival.

21. All sites must be left in reasonable condition prior to departure and all exhibitors are expected to co-operate in an effort to keep the display area clean.

22. No alcohol or dogs to be brought onto the Esperance Showgrounds, unless it is a support dog. 

23. There are no cash changing facilities on the grounds. The closest banks are situated on Andrew Street in the main centre of Esperance.