All the way from NSW, will be joining forces with the Esperance Show to bring you a magical experience! It's even going to include a FLEA CIRCUS!

What is an Ultranormalist? A unique title which attempts to describe Troppo Bob, who is anything but normal; a world class comedy magical entertainer who combines a unique group of entertainment skills including magic, illusions, comedy, mind reading, juggling, puppetry, ventriloquism and live animal productions.

The result is amazing, mystifying and really funny!



Come and hold a snake... Perth Reptile Company provides educational reptile displays for people of all ages. Our reptile displays are the perfect mix of entertainment and education.  We provide a variety of live reptiles (non-venomous) including snakes and lizards. 

Your guests can hold a variety of snakes and lizards.  We even have one of Australia's most iconic reptiles - a Frilled Necked Lizard (his name is Buck and he even has his own Instagram page @where_the_buck_are_ya). 

As part of our display we provide information on each reptile on display so customers/guests can learn about each animal even if they don't want to touch one.



All the way from QUEENSLAND! 

Flux was born from a mutual love and passion for flow arts, fire and object manipulation, which further developed into a love for pyrotechnics.

Flux performances are very high impact, choreographed productions, and are guaranteed to give you an experience through their art form which excites, inspires and moves you.



Our own homegrown talent! 

The Fremantle Fairground Assoc. Inc. is an NFP established in 2007 to nurture positive social outcomes through the provision of multi art forms, cultural exchange and education.

The Fairground Production House delivers the objects of the organisation through the production of events, community arts, performance, training, workshops, technicians, artists, producers, directors, actors, voice work, MC's, musicians & bands. They will be bringing performances of The Strawberry Show, Tee Scott Chocolate Show, A space Oddity, The Dreamboat as well as roving, and interacting with kids and adults alike.



Saturday 21st of October Esperance Speed Shears for Novice, Open and Senior, along with Quick Throw. Contact Jake 0429871707

Fireworks: 8pm on Friday night, watch the fireworks create a spiral of colour against the night's sky.



Located at the top of the cricket pitch for assembly and judging Saturday 9:30am

Find the applications forms and more info here: https://www.esperanceshow.com.au/competitons/my-beaut-ute



Both Friday and Saturday located in both FOOD areas from 10am until 1:45pm



Visit the Esperance Show Timetable for the times and locations for all events.